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American Idiot

American Idiot

Inspired by Green Day

Men’s T-Shirt or Ladies’ Fit from £11.99. Hoodie £19.99.

A great way to open a show, Good Riddance is brilliant way to end a show. We are yet to be convinced about letting ungifted amateurs who only real skill of relevance seems to be sneaking large cardboard signs into gigs murder Longview, but still, each to their own. Although if you are an ungifted amateur who knows his way around corrugated board and you get onto the stage in this t-shirt there is a special Worn by Legends prize waiting for you! Email a photo of proof to claim your prize. Billie Joe also needs to be in shot, special prizes are not handed out for photo's of you jumping around on a poorly constructed stage in your lounge. This is a great t-shirt for that if that's your thing but please note, WBL can not be held responsible if you end up falling head first through your 48" flatscreen.

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American Idiot