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Concorde Drawing Plan
Men’s T-Shirt or Ladies’ Fit from £11.99. Hoodie £19.99.

"It was a scientist with NASA who summed up Concorde better than anyone I've ever met, 'Putting a man on the moon was easy,' he said, 'compared to getting Concorde to work'."

"Concorde, you see, represented the greatest not just of the British and French boffins who'd made it against all the odds but also the sheer wondrous genius of the human race. This plane served us a twice daily reminder that nothing was beyond us. Given time, and money, we could do absolutely anything.

Which is why, as I walked off the plane for the last time, I remember thinking, 'This is one small step for a man. But a giant leap backwards for mankind'."

Jeremy Clarkson occasionally talks sense, here he was bang on the money.

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Concorde Drawing Plan