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Keep calm, but stop selling offensive t-shirts generated by computers

March 2, 2013 | Posted in: News

All in the worst possible tasteWe’re no prudes here at Worn By Legends. Some of our t-shirts are pretty rude, a couple of them even have naughty words on them, but we do tend to draw the line at some things. Call us whacky and out-of-touch, but t-shirts about rape, stabbings and domestic violence aren’t particularly funny… in our humble opinion!

So shame on you, Solid Gold Bomb, for listing t-shirts on Amazon with such delightful takes on the ‘Keep Calm and…’ meme as ‘Keep Calm and Rape a Lot’, ‘Keep Calm and Grope a Lot’ and most charming of all ‘Keep Calm and Knife Her’.

Now, we’re not going to get all morally outraged Daily Mail-style about this, but we will draw attention to this excuse Solid Gold Bomb trotted out in their statement when they were forced to remove some of the offending t-shirts, which they said ‘had been automatically generated using a scripted computer process running against hundreds of thousands of dictionary words.’

Some t-shirt websites, mentioning no names, go to the trouble of actually designing their t-shirts themselves using their imaginations. If you are daft enough to let a computer generate your t-shirt ideas, and then even more daft enough to list them on Amazon without checking their content, frankly you don’t deserve to be allowed to sell your wares on there.

Of course, the cynic might suggest this is all a cunning publicity ploy and the Solid Gold Bomb guys are enjoying a nice boost in sales this weekend. Perhaps that will be of comfort to them when it comes to explaining to wives and girlfriends what their views on domestic violence and sexual assault really are….

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